Dr. Gill Sanders has created a truly unique business based upon one of the most favorite sports, fishing. He recreates the trout fish by hand carving wood to resemble the trout. Fly fishing has always been a favorite of Gill's and he turned his passion for fishing into a successful business venture.

The hand carved trout furnishings you'll find are unique and like no others in the fact that they resemble 100% the look and feel of the real fish, just as if you were to catch it right out of the water. All of the trout furnishings are hand carved out of wood, no fake material or machines are used.

You can choose from a single trout furnishing or one that has multiple wooden trout attached. Each carved trout furnishing is attached to a stand, which is the perfect way to showcase to others. The handmade trout furnishings from Gill's Fish has become a family business where many of the family members are involved, which shows the passion and dedication for what they do. Take a look at the hand carved wooden trout available on the website, you won't be disappointed.