Gills Fish
845 South Roberta Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Phone: (801) 599-9101

Here at Gills Fish we pride ourselves on providing you with the
best hand carved fish sculptures. For those of you who are avid
fishermen, we have the skills and tools to take your favorite fish and
turn it into lifelong Memorabilia. Specifically we can hard carve you
a sculpture of our favorite fish, the trout.

Gill O. Sanders began hand-carving wood trout from aspen logs in 1983.
He has a true passion for hand carving fish sculptures. Without formal
training as a wood carver, Gill he has been fascinated by his discovery
of every aspect of this hobby which he turned into a business. The main
creation is the hand-carved trout. The wooden trout furnishings you'll get
from Gill are truly one of a kind.

With carving as many as 200 trout a year, you can see the dedication
and passion in the hand carved trout furnishings. Gill has also familiarized
himself with the anatomy of the trout fish and this is shown in the intricate
details of the hand carved wooden trout furnishings.

On the website you will find a variety of hand carved wooden trout available
for purchase. With each carving you'll get a detailed description of the sculpture
as well. The carved wooden trout sculptures you'll find here at Gills Fish are
truly a work of art. For anyone who enjoys fishing, either as a sport or leisure
activity, you'll appreciate all of the time and effort that's put into each and
every hand carved trout sculpture.

Gill O. Sanders, JVl.D. began hand-carving wood trout from aspen logs
in 1983 as a means of relaxation while working as a very busy Salt Lake
City pediatrician.

Without formal training as a wood carver he has been fascinated by his
discovery of every aspect of this endeavor and the importance of developing
such a satisfying hobby which he turned into a business called Gill's.
His main creation is the hand-carved trout, but he produces a full line of
trout gift accessories as well as sterling and gold trout jewelry.

Gill is intrigued with the idea of each sculpture being a one-of-a-kind
creation. There is not one piece which is the same and each is personally
hand-carved by him. His choice of specifically carving fish was influenced
by his passion for fly fishing and working in his teenage years as a fishing
guide on the beautiful Teton River in Victor, Idaho where he and his family
presently enjoy a home.

The unique carvings that Gill has produced over the years show the
natural, beautiful grain of the aspen wood ,which he personally harvests.
The wood has to be weathered and carry just the right dry weight to be
used properly. It takes a good eye to spot the wood which will meet the
demands of a perfect carving. The stain is unique and mixed by hand.
Each piece demands 18-20 coats of gloss, a tedious yet rewarding process.

Gill's trout carvings and trout gift accessories are sold in galleries and
shops throughout the United States.